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Real Estate Recession: Now In Verse!

[Image of City Hall via Angelenic]

Tis the season -- for economic woes and rhyming couplets. Friend of Curbed Alissa Walker recited her verse about the recession and LA at last night's de Lab event, and has kindly posted her poem today for everyone not in attendance:

The Night Before Layoffs

Twas LA in a downturn and all through downtown,
Not a crane was stirring; no foundations in-ground.
The scaffolding covered the buildings with care,
In hopes that the financing soon would be there.

Eli Broad was asleep, on his piles of money
With $30 million for MOCA nestled close to his tummy.
And Gail Goldberg was snoozing, so was Mayor Villaraigosa,
Telling staffers to wake them when all this was over.

Read the rest here.