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A Prop 8 Protest That Doesn't Cause Traffic

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Today is Day Without A Gay, the day that gays are encouraged to call in "gay," and forgo going to work to do some community service work. The movement came in response to the passing of Prop 8, and is meant to shed light on the civil rights of gays everywhere. The event looks to be modeled after a Day Without An Immigrant, an event that looked to show, among other things, the economic importance of immigrant work. We asked Rich Alossi, blogger behind Angelenic, who has been doing a lot of Prop 8 protest coverage, what to expect today. Turns out he's not a fan of the event. "I'm 100% against it. It's a Mormon plot to get gay people fired from their workplaces. Stay at work, people!" So businesses won't be quiet today? And are they even opening the front doors at the Advocate? ""I don't think it'll get that many people," says Alossi. "You're not going to be seeing tumbleweeds blow down Santa Monica Boulevard or shuttered storefronts at the Beverly Center, that's for sure." But gay or straight, if you work at Yahoo (Santa Monica), yeah, don't even bother coming in today.
· Day Without A Gay [Official Site]