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Ask Curbed: Do I Need a Full Service Broker?

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A reader has a question on what is the best way to minimize a loss on her house. How to avoid a hosing? "Does it make any sense today, in a down market, to use a full-service Realtor? Would they garner a better sale price than, say, a discount brokerage or Redfin, to justify the 6% commission?

We're selling our Westchester house next spring for a job transfer to Denver, and are resigned to taking a hit, maybe breaking even if lucky. Currently interviewing agents with the thinking at first, that full-service might be worth the cost. But comps are comps, and if comps are down and buyers are on sidelines reluctant to pay anything more than comps, what more can a full-service agent do to justify their high fee? We can hire our own stager, landscaper/painter, etc. Is DIY the way to go?"
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