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Big Green Hanger Event

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The Daily News covers what's being called the first green aviation hangar, a Bob Hope Airport project that was shown off to the media yesterday. It was such a big event that the Mayor came out for it. Via the paper: "Known as Hangar 25, the $17 million structure is designed to be a model of green construction and was built for what a traditional aircraft hangar would cost, said Andy Meyers, president of Shangri-La Construction." And there are some great green features, like bicycle racks for employees and solar panels that power the "building's offices, copiers, computers and coffee machines," according to the News. Here's the officials web site for the hanger. The thing that confuses us: Among other things, Avjet Corp., which manages the facility bills itself as premier charter flight provider--and it's those private planes that are some of the biggest polluters. Maybe these green hangers can be used for us suckers who have to fly coach, too? Meanwhile, Shangri-La Construction, which owns and built the hanger, will also put up a green building at Van Nuys Airport. [Daily News; image courtesy of]

Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505