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More Downtown Hotel Chatter, Plus A Shiny Rendering

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In the post about a possible hotel coming to the LA Live area, reader Jay left a link to this image, which would seem to show some sort of planned development to the left (the big shiny guy is the Ritz/Marriott). He wrote: "Here's an early mock up from last year. Probably not the final design but you get the idea from a size perspective." Wow. The rest of downtown looks so dusty. But this is what reader Semprini says: "It's on the "Olympic North" parcel of the LASED Specific Plan [Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District]. The site has always been envisioned for a smallish (dare I use the word "boutique") hotel. At this point it is conceptual. The plan allows a hotel, and environmental mitigation measures are in place for one, but no formal proposal, plans or drawings have been prepared or evaluated." Meanwhile, another commenter stated that AEG has been in "soft" talks with Starwood Hotels and Resorts about a "W" downtown hotel. Yes! Everyone has heard that rumor for months. And at last week's Hollywood W event, we asked W execs if there was hotel coming downtown. The answer was "no."
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