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CurbedWire: Downtown Car Wash Gets Detailed, Skylights' Holiday Ideas

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DOWNTOWN: Everyone's favorite or least favorite, depending on your experience, downtown car wash spot/bunker at Olympic (right across from LA Live) got some nice rainbow detailing. Jose Marroquin, general manager of Downtown Car Wash, tells us the color swirlies went up three months ago. This spot is also popular for its shoe shines. [Curbed Staff]

: Reading through the Skylight Books newsletter, the monthly emailer from the bookstore, this favorite--from the Staff Holiday Recommendations--looks like the perfect choice for a gift: "The Ulysses Guide to the Los Angeles River, Vol. 1 by U.L. Zemanova (Uglar Book). Recommended by Kate: "This beautiful coffee table book covers the murals and graffiti painted on miles of river walls and the ecosystems you probably didn't know were hidden there." [Curbed InBox]