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Measure H Wins, Says Courier

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The Beverly Hills Courier (a paper that has been adamantly pro-Measure H) is declaring that the counting of votes is finished. As noted before, the contentious Measure H would add a hotel and condos to Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire. Via the paper: "It’s all over. Almost four weeks after the Nov. 4 election day, the LA Registrar/ Recorder County Clerk’s office is confirming, Measure H is approved, 7, 972 to 7,843 votes. By a slim 129 votes, the Beverly Hilton will move forward $500 million revitalization plan to add a five-star, 12-story Waldorf Astoria hotel, one six-story condominium tower along Wilshire Boulevard and one 16- to 18-story condominium tower on Santa Monica Boulevard." We're expecting the opposition to demand a recount, however. Official site for Registrar/Recorder here. [Beverly Hills Courier]