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Meet the Alternatives. Or Not.

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Lawyer Walter Moore, who also ran in the last mayor's race, is running again; here's his pitch from his web site: "Los Angeles can and should be the greatest city in the world. Instead, it is turning into a Third World dump. America’s second-biggest city looks as though it’s run by coalition of illegal aliens, developers and gangs. Taxes and fees are higher than ever, yet gang members -- including illegal alien gang members -- outnumber police by four-to-one. Rather than hiring enough police, Villaraigosa and the City Council use your tax dollars to subsidize the wealthy, out-of-state developers who fund their campaigns...We need a Mayor who will immediately end Special Order 40 and the other “sanctuary city” policies that aid and abet illegal immigration. You should never have to “press one for English” when you call City Hall." There's a lot more, read for yourself. [Walter Moore]