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Transportation and Obama

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"The business world started batting around names of a potential nominees to be transportation secretary Wednesday amid reports that President-elect Barack Obama could start lining up his Cabinet choices as early as next week. Rumors and speculation on the pick at DOT include Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell as well as members of Congress such as House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman James L. Oberstar and two Oregon Democratic congressmen, Pete DeFazio and Earl Blumenauer." We'd previously mentioned Portland-based Blumenauer here. Meanwhile, Bloomberg is reporting that Obama may look at putting money towards roads and bridges to jumpstart the economy. Via the newswire: "'He's identified infrastructure as one of the ways to strengthen the American economy,'' Janet Kavinoky, transportation infrastructure director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said in an interview. 'So we would expect it to be on his list of actions both for the stimulus and longer term.'" [Traffic World]