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Fountain and Cahuenga Development Oppportunity Awaits You

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While you place bets on what stage all those planned Hollywood projects will be in in eight months, let's look at the Fountain Avenue and Cahuenga Boulevard area. On the northeast corner of Cahuenga and Fountain, you've got white, fenced off homes (seen above) that will be replaced by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (still in the design phase, and a ways off). Meanwhile, if you're a developer who can manage to get financing, a big development opportunity has also come up in the same vicinity. Via Loopnet: "The Property presents a developer with an extremely rare opportunity to create a high-density, mixed-use (retail and residential) community in the heart of Hollywood. And of all the places one would hope to build, few can top this location, surrounded by the upcoming 8-acre Academy of Motion Pictures Museum complex, on the one side, the Hollywood Civic Center, on the other, and half a block from the renowned Arc Light Cinema and historic Cinerama Dome." The listing agent tells us this site, listed at $22.23 million, is currently occupied by an office building and parking lots.
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