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Measure H Insanity

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Via the Associated Press, an update to that Measure H, a proposal that would bring a new Waldorf-Astoria hotel and condos to Beverly Hills: "Los Angeles County election officials report Wednesday that local Measure H is losing by just 68 votes, with provisional ballots yet to be counted...Project opponent Larry Larson says he is preparing to challenge the validity of the provisional and absentee ballots if the measure is passed." Earlier today, the Courier reported that the final results wouldn't be known till the end of November. Update: That November date is inaccurate. George Miranda, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/ County Clerk tells us the official results for Measure H will be certified on December 2nd. The results could come in sooner that date, and in that event, the results would be posted on the LA County's web site. All told, there are approximately 191,000 provisional ballots for all of Los Angeles County that need to be counted, according to Miranda. [AP]