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Prop 8 Insanity, Too

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Because a bad proposition never dies, tonight protesters will take over West Hollywood, chanting and walking and stomping (and maybe sashaying), in protest of the passage of Prop 8, which banned gay marriage. "San Vicente Blvd, between Santa Monica Blvd and Melrose Avenue will be closed tonight starting at 6 pm. San Vicente south-bound traffic will be directed to make left or right at Santa Monica Blvd. Signs have already been posted to help divert traffic." [Curbed Inbox/Yelp] Update: Here's the headline of a press release just released by the Mayor's office: MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA ASKS CITY ATTORNEY TO CHALLENGE PROPOSITION 8. Excerpt from release: "In June 2008, the City of Los Angeles officially took a legislative position to oppose Proposition 8 (CF 08-0002-S88). We must take immediate action to protect Los Angeles residents whose lives and freedoms are threatened by consequences from the possible implementation of Proposition 8. I therefore request that the City Attorney evaluate the City’s legal options regarding challenging the validity of Proposition 8. I also request that the City Attorney undertake the necessary preparations to file a legal challenge to Proposition 8 should the measure officially pass."