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CurbedWire: Neighborhood Rules, Johnson Fain Talk

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SILVER LAKE: Ach! The rules of the kitchen have now been extended to the neighborhood. This billboard (a relative of the much-talked about My Kitchen, My Rules billboard) was spotted on Sunset, right up the street from the Cafe Tropical and near Silver Lake Blvd. [Curbed Staff]

UNIVERSITY PARK: On November 12th, there is a talk at USC's School of Architecture with local architect Johnson Fain. According to the school's web site, "Johnson's lecture will discuss the topic of his new book which will be published later this year: the design of skyscrapers. He is currently designing tall buildings in Asia and the US." Fain's firm, of course, is working on the Dodger Stadium renovation and that planned downtown shiny tower/condo. His new book is called "The Big Idea: Criticality and Practice in Contemporary Architecture." More via the web site. [Curbed InBox]

Dodger Stadium

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