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CurbedWire: SLS Soft Opening, R Outrage, H Stands for Hijacking Your Lawn

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LOS ANGELES: It's open, sort of. SLS at Beverly Hills, that new hotel from nightlife/restaurant operator Sam Nazarian, is going through a soft-opening, ie "friends and family." This shot was taken yesterday-only those with a reservation were allowed in the hotel. [Curbed Staff]

KOREATOWN: Who is ready for this election to be over? A reader writes: "I saw a political sign against Prop R on a Median near Wilshire and Wilton stating Prop R was a "MTA's Racist Sales Tax." It's our understanding that more than one group is using the racial angle, so it's not clear who is behind the sign. [Curbed InBox]

BEVERLY HILLS: And more from another reader: "Every few days for the last two weeks I come home to find a "No on Prop H" sign in my front yard. I take it down and throw it out to only have it reappear a day or so later. I know my problem is solved as of tomorrow but just wondering... What should I do about this?" Go to bed early? And Measure H* of course, is that Hilton/Waldorf Astoria proposition. *Updated [Curbed InBox]