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Week In Review: Montage Visit, New Revenue Streams, Museum of Tolerance, Crenshaw District Input, Lautner Worries, Downtown Destroyed

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BEVERLY HILLS: We got in to the Montage, that new Beverly Hills hotel, and ran amok. This place isn't cheap: Prices start at $595 for a deluxe room, but the park (pictured) is free.

LOS ANGELES: Where's the money coming from? Many, many places. The City Council has decided to throw a new fee at restaurants that offer sidewalk dining. It'll also cost you more to pay for your guests to park.

: New renderings emerged of the controversial expansion of the Museum of Tolerance, a project that some neighbors have been fighting. Also: This museum maybe needs a snappier name, according to commenters.

SOUTH LA: Too many gas stations and fast food joints! The CRA calls for a new vision of Crenshaw District. Input needed.

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE: Architect John Lautner's Gantvoort Residence is chopped down to $1.595 million amid fears that the place will be considered a teardown by buyers.

DOWNTOWN: The latest marketing trick from Sony indicates that it's not a good time to buy downtown: The neighborhood will be dust soon.