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CurbedWire: Don't Lose Your Home, Turkey

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LOS ANGELES: This week, the Los Angeles Fire Department issued a stern warning--entitled "Your Turkey Or Your Life?"--about the danger of using turkey fryers. A funny video is included with their release. In honor of not losing your home--to neither foreclosure nor fryer--here are some of the better photos of turkey fryer fires. The caption for the first one (most of these locations are unknown): "We tried to get the skills together to fry a turkey at the fire station for Thanksgiving but ended up eating Pizza Hut. I can't believe that no one called the Fire Department. Oh, wait, that's us, never mind." Via flickr user Skenry.

2. "The Turkey Fryer Fire: As Lee finished blowing his candles, a bunch of people suddenly ran out of the house. I followed to find this roaring fire. The flames reached a height of about 12 feet. Watch those deep fryers kids, they make great fireballs." Via flickr user Punkasrtist

3. "During Thanksgiving, a fire broke out at a Navy facility because of a commercial turkey "deep fryer" that a Sailor had brought in from home. The operator violated three safety precautions clearly stated in the operator's manual." Credit.

4. "Here I am trying to put out the fire - thank god I had my safety goggles on." Via flickr user Sanjif

5. Fire in Orlando, FL: Turkey fryer fire destroys home. Credit.

6. Raleigh, NC:....w/ several patients overcome by fumes. Occupants were using a turkey deep fryer inside the apartment. (6) were taken to the hospital. Credit.

Bonus! Photo not in gallery so as not to freak out anyone. Squirrel who accidentally fell into a turkey fryer. Ah, poor squirrel. You are crispy-looking. [It's here. Via Fi4]