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ListingsWire: Arts District Listing, Toy Factory Short Sale, Park Wilshire Chops

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Each week ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

DOWNTOWN: Hey, someone is selling a little chunk of the Arts District. There are a total of seven separate buildings (some of which are occupied.) That's one of the buildings above that's listed, while another building is one of the oldest arts-zoned buildings in downtown. Via the grapevine, we hear this property was listed at $12 million two years ago, went into in contract for $11 million, but then the sellers pulled out. The sellers are back, listing it again, but for for $9 million. Additionally, the listing references that expansion of the Arts District. [Loopnet]

DOWNTOWN: Speaking of the Arts District, the unit with the largest floor plan in the Toy Factory Lofts has been listed as a short sale. Via the listing for the 1,941 square foot one bedroom that's asking $799,000: "Largest floor plan in the building! Front corner unit with huge balcony. Walls of windows, light and bright, views." [Redfin]

MID WILSHIRE: It looks like old friend Park Wilshire is cutting back prices on all its units. The giant peach of a building now has a three-bedroom listed at $996,187--it was $1.131 million. What to do about this project! Maybe they can move the elephants in here, turn it into that sanctuary? [Redfin]
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