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Remodeled WeHo Craftsman Deemed Not Historic, Condos Coming

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The WeHo News reports that a 1902 Craftsman home at 8875 Cynthia Street has been denied historical protection by the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission, paving the way for a two-unit condominium project to rise on the site. According to the paper, "the reasoning given for the denial involved changes to the home made through the years such as enclosing the rear porch, which staff said marred an important element of the historic significance of this bungalow." Additionally, the owners replaced windows, put in a French door, changed the siding, and did a bunch more stuff to the home. It looks like the architect behind the project is Bondanelli Design Group--that's the current rendering that's up on their web site.
· Craftsman Home Denied Cultural Resource Status [WeHo News]