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More Idle NFL Stadium Chatter: Back to Carson?

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Beverly Hills developer Richard Rand has dipped his toe in the NFL stadium waters, reports the Press Telegram. While plans for the "Los Angeles Stadium" in the City of Industry progress through the environmental phase, Rand is looking at various options for his property in Carson - one of which may include an NFL ready stadium. As you may recall, an NFL stadium was previously considered for a site in Carson several years ago. That site is currently being developed as a mall.

...Rand is at the earliest stages of his proposal. He owns only 12 acres of the 91-acre site, and doesn't expect to have architectural plans done until 2010. The proposed site, a mix of industrial buildings and vacant land, sits on a former garbage dump, and is contaminated. "I would say it's too preliminary to get excited about it," said Pete Roth, Rand's attorney. "So many things have to go right. No one would say the desired goal is around the corner or imminent."

The article doesn't mention the potential impacts of another stadium on the City of Industry's proposed stadium. IS the first one to completion getting the team? Meanwhile, we fully expect Pasadena to jump back into the fray because you really can't have an NFL clusterfuck without Pasadena and the Rose Bowl getting involved.
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