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John Lautner's Gantvoort Residence: Teardown Worries

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Architect John Lautner's Gantvoort Residence in La Canada Flintridge came on the market about three months ago listed at $2.2 million, and after multiple chops, it's now down to $1.595 million. "The land is now worth more than the house," a perplexed-sounding Samuel Buchanan, the listing agent, tells us. "But the owner has to sell so he keeps dropping the price." The Lautner Foundation is also worried about the home, which sits on nearly an acre of land. Check out this post on the group's web site: "Gantvoort house potentially in danger. Lautner’s 1947 Gantvoort house, nearly original and in excellent condition, is threatened by its modest size, large lot, and relatively low sales price." Buchanan presumes that the Foundation, who couldn't immediately be reached for comment, is worried the house could be torn down. Where's Kelly Lynch to come and save the day? All images via John Lautner Foundation.
· 3778 Hampstead Rd [redfin]