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CurbedWire: Santa Monica Blvd's Latest Art, Sustainable Talk at History Museum

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: We thought artist Peter Shire's funky red art pieces were only going to be up on Santa Monica Blvd till November 21, but per a city official, they'll be up till mid-March. The work is part of the city's long-running "Art on the Outside" program that puts art installations on the Santa Monica Blvd median and throughout the city. Far superior photos here. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: On December 7th, the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County will get a visit from James Rojas, co-founder of the Latino Urban Forum. Via the press release: "The next installment of Sustainable Sundays, “Sustainable L.A., Sustainable World,” offers booths, interactive activities, and representatives from local environmentalist groups focusing on urban sustainability in the Museum’s Grand Foyer throughout the day. An interactive urban planning art project by activist James Rojas’ “Building Sustainable L.A,” invites participants to re-imagine a green L.A. by using a medley of found objects." More via the museum's web site. [Curbed InBox]