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Great Los Angeles Walk: Hello, Santa Monica Blvd

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For Saturday's Third Annual Great Los Angeles Walk--a stroll that covers all of Los Angeles--organizers chose a route that started at Union Station in downtown, wound through Sunset Blvd in Echo Park, and hit Santa Monica Blvd in Silver Lake. From there, it looks like it was a straight shot on Santa Monica Blvd to the ocean (with some breaks for lunch in West Hollywood). Most of the group did the walk in about eight hours, but others finished the 18.3 mile walk in six hours, according to the Franklin Avenue blogger, who estimates that about 150 people took part in the walk. See all the Flickr photos here, here and here. Image of people above via Waltarrrr.
· GREAT LOS ANGELES WALK 2008: 18.3 Miles Later, We Did It! [Franklin Avenue]