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Broad: Grand Ave Project, Downtown Need MOCA

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Over the weekend philanthropist Eli Broad offered to pony up $30 million to save the financially struggling MOCA. Writing in the LA Times, Broad says that MOCA is essential to the delayed Grand Avenue project, Related Co's mixed-use development for downtown: "The loss of MOCA's downtown location would be a blow to the Grand Avenue project, the $3-billion development project to go up adjacent to Disney Hall. The project is already delayed because of the economic downturn. We cannot lose sight of the promise of downtown's renaissance as a social, cultural and recreational center for not only those who work and live in the city's heart but also for the entire Southern California region. The shuttering of MOCA's Grand Avenue venue would severely set back the burgeoning downtown revitalization." More on the MOCA situation via the New York Times and Culture Monster. Previous coverage on the millions needed to keep MOCA going is here.