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Curbed Poll: Trompe-l'œil In Silver Lake

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Taking a page from our sister site Racked LA, we're asking you to look at this home and vote on whether you like or dislike it—your choices are 'That's Rather Lovely!,' 'So close,' 'I feel strangely ambivalent about it,' or 'That's Rather Hideous!'

A reader submitted this 1927 five-bedroom, two-and-a-quarter bath in Silver Lake with the pithy commentary: "Well, it's unique... and new to market. Definitely a conversation starter in silverlake. Wow. Trompe l'oeil much?" Hey, don't knock it until Philippe Starck tries it. According to the listing, the home invites you to "Experience the elegance of a bygone era. Hand painted ceilings, art deco fixtures, hardwood floors, with inlaid detailing." This is the first time the house has been on the market in 50 years." There is something charmingly end-of-the-empire about it. Which empire, we're not sure. Plus, the house could make a great backdrop for some serious debauchery. And perhaps a hip hop video or two. Asking price: $999,900.