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Big Gala at Bullocks

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If you were not lucky enough to attend the L.A. Conservancy's 30th Anniversary Gala/silent auction held this Saturday at the former Bullocks Wilshire department store, blogger LA Is My Beat did attend--and took photos (it's a sideways slide show). She writes: "This was a very fancy-schmany affair! Guests arrived under Bullocks' historic porte cochere and were escorted to the perfume aisle. A silent auction display area was set up here, as well as a bar. On the second floor, location of the lounge and the CoCo Chanel room, were hors d'oeuvres inspired by the original Bullocks Wilshire Tea Room and another bar, in addtion to more silent auction items. Going on at the same time was a vintage Bullocks-era fashion show modeled by live mannequins. Later, dinner was served in the penthouse Tea Room." More about the auction can be found here. [LA Is My Beat]