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Dodger Trolley Discontinued?

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Even though it's just as slow as driving, the Dodger Trolley has proved a popular alternative to forking over $15 to park in Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's stadium—so popular that the costs of the free service have ballooned and may be discontinued, reports Steve Hymon in the Los Angeles Times. According to Hymon, councilman Bill Rosendahl is pissed because Dodger owner Frank McCourt refuses to chip in for the buses vans. So much for that promise of offering to help out, eh? At an April press conference about Dodgers Stadium's new master plan that will add amenities to the stadium, McCourt was asked about transit options for the insanely inaccessible stadium. He told reporters, "I have invited elected officials and everyone at the state level to engage with us in a conversation about public transportation, we are committed to it." Previous coverage of the Trolley here. UPDATE; Check out Blogdowntown's story for the backstory on funding. [LA Times]