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New Ideas Needed: Dodgers Stadium Escalator?

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Given how much car idling goes on in traffic lines outside of Dodgers Stadium, it's surprising that concerned environmentalists/ozone layer worriers aren't calling for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's head following the news that McCourt doesn't want his baseball team to help pay for transportation to the stadium (the trolley service needs a bailout). Meanwhile, a reader forwards a 1990 study that offers multiple suggestions on transportation options. Called the Transit Access Study, it was prepared for the new defunct (at least in name) Los Angeles County Transportation Commission, and mentions the following as options to get people to the stadium: A gondola tramway, an LRT spur from the Pasadena line, shuttle bus service, an AGT shuttle (monorail), and yes, an escalator. Now that the trolley may be out and the tramway dream unrealized, let's look at what the study says about the escalator and how it could be used. "A pedestrian connection from the College & Springs Station through Chinatown and above the Pasadena Freeway to an escalator and/or stairway that would provide vertical connection to the Dodger Stadium blufftop lots."


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