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CurbedWire: Don't Fear West Ocean Two's Gavel, Giant Roosevelt Cake

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LONG BEACH: First, Citi Property Investors, a real estate investment entity that is part of Citi Group, held an auction earlier this year to sell off 39 condos in West Ocean Two, a 114-unit new tower off Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. Even though they said they sold 33 of the 39 condos, it looks like they are still pushing the suckers. Check out the latest flyer--this one is targeted to those who are afraid of the gavel. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: There's a big ribbon cutting for the Roosevelt, that recently opened condo building, and there's also a lot of sugar coming to downtown. Via the Inbox: On Dec 1, there'll be a ribbon cutting for the building. Also present at the ribbon-cutting: "A huge 4x5-foot cake with a model of the building." That's a big cake. [Curbed InBox]