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Legendary Hillside Memorial Park Expanding

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Funeral services and taxmen? What's the saying about what industries aren't affected by the downturn? Well, the legendary Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary at 6001 West Centinela Avenue is expanding. The 60-year-old plus Hillside Memorial Park, which has has previous expansions over the years, is adding a new "Garden of Solomon" addition (pictured above) that'll have pavilions and other features. According to the press rep, there's no one landscape architect on the project, but it's a collaborative effort between many parties. It'll be maintained by ValleyCrest, a landscape developer and maintainer. Pictured is the forthcoming Garden of Solomon, press release after jump. And this park is home to many, many late celebrities, including Jack Benny, Aaron Spelling, and Shelley Winters.

Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary Announces New "Garden of Solomon" Development

Prestigious L.A. Cemetery Expands Grounds to Meet the Needs of Generations to Come

Last update: 1:38 p.m. EST Nov. 20, 2008
LOS ANGELES, Nov 20, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, the most prestigious Jewish cemetery and mortuary in Southern California, announces the addition of a new development.
"For more than 60 years, Hillside has been providing families with places of serene beauty for those who are now gone," says Mark A. Friedman, Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary's CEO. "This new addition will provide even more generations with the opportunity to enjoy a spiritually satisfying connection with their families at Hillside."
The lush landscapes and graceful water designs of Garden of Solomon provide a stunning backdrop to the new development. Jerusalem stone will be used throughout the area and surround the winding brook and pond. The secluded, naturally enclosed grounds of Garden of Solomon represent Hillside's decades-long commitment to providing property options for families with varied needs:
-- Pavilions: Two spectacular waterfront view open-air pavilions will each have their own beautiful cascading waterfall which gently flows into the main pond. The family name may be carved in stone as each pavilion is designed to accommodate up to 12 interments. The elegant design makes this a majestic setting and a peaceful resting place.
-- Family Estates: As iron gates welcome visitors to these exquisite estate properties, beautiful Jerusalem stone pillars, walls, benches and stunning foliage provide the family with an elegantly landscaped estate. The family name may be carved in stone with four stone pillow blocks where individual family members may have their names engraved. Some estates accommodate up to four interments, while others have an eight-person capacity.
-- Double Ground Spaces: Double ground spaces are spread throughout the area. Some are near water while some are placed adjacent to designed to hold cremated remains.
The new development is expected to be completed by summer 2009. For more information on Garden of Solomon, please visit or call 800-576-1994.
About Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary
Founded in 1942, Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary has served as a place of memories for the Los Angeles Jewish community for more than 60 years, committed to providing families with caring and sensitivity. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and lawns, fountains, stunning architecture, artwork and more, its exquisite grounds provide a dramatic yet serene backdrop to memorials and tributes. Vast and serene and quietly famous, Hillside offers families pre-need planning for their loved ones, and expert assistance for all necessary arrangements, including ground spaces, garden estates, mausoleums, wall crypts, family rooms, cemetery services and floral, mortuary/funeral services. A community service of Temple Israel of Hollywood, Hillside is well-versed in Jewish mourning customs and traditions, and also offers community education in the form of activities and events. To learn more about Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary, visit or call 800-576-1994.