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Washington Blvd Corridor: Mid-City Attempts New Life

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[The oft-used Mansfield Motel on Washington Blvd. in Mid-City via Curbed flickr pool member Googlesque]

Toasty muffins and transgender prostitutes. That sums up the current state of the area around Washington Boulevard (from Fairfax and La Brea avenues) in Mid-City writes Scott Gold in the Los Angeles Times. The area has come a huge way in the past few decades: crime and blight are down, and places like the Atomic Cafe have opened. Still, nightwalkers and addicts are a regular presence. What the neighborhood's got going for it is vested residents: people like Allan DiCastro, who goes by the "Broken Window" theory, and has lived there for years. DiCastro has said, "Mid-City's Washington Corridor will evolve into a fashionable district of art galleries, shops and cafes." And over at Pico and San Vicente, there could one day be a Lowe's, part of CIM's huge Midtown Crossing development (thanks, city, for that cash infusion). Meanwhile, hookers be damned, readers will remember that Mid-City is also touted for its excellent starter homes.
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