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Agree to Disagree?

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Some are clamoring for the Valley's Orange Line busway to be converted to light-rail, reports the Daily News. In the article, Sue Doyle writes the transit line "was developed [as a busway] because it was the technology that had the least opposition at the time and could be installed most quickly." Doyle also writes, "talk of a subway between North Hollywood and Warner Center was dashed 12 years ago during a financial crunch with Metro." Hmm. On Wednesday, we reported on the Orange Line extension and readers had many conflicting things to say about the light-rail issue, including: "Yeah, the Valley didn't get "skrewed" [over getting bus over train], rather they screamed bloody murder when a light rail was originally proposed," and this: "The Orange Line was supposed to be the continuation of the Red Line. Zev killed that with Prop A. Then he killed the potential of a surface/elevated rail line by siding with the Chandler NIMBYs and the temple." Well, that settles it. [Daily News]