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Lovecraft Biofuels' Sunset Shack For Rent

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The famous shack belonging to vegetable oil lovers Lovecraft Biofuels in Silver Lake is up for rent. The sign went up on the building at 4000 Sunset Boulevard about a week ago, and the listing agent's web site indicates that the lease is a not inexpensive $4,000 a month. But would you want it? Even though this Sunset Junction site is a retailer's dream in terms of location, this building is really a wooden shack. Meanwhile, Jason Kuzczenski, one of the managers at Lovecraft Biofuels (it's a company that converts diesel engines to run on vegetable oil), told us Lovecraft is either going to continue working out of their garage behind the store, or move to another location in Silver Lake. UPDATE: *Lovecraft is renting the space and doesn't own it, if that wasn't clear from the post.
· 4000 W. Sunset Boulevard [Scott Howard Real Estate]