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Game On: Downtown Sports Museum Opening To Public

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While everyone waits for billionaire Eli Broad to open his museum, and downtowners wait for that downtown-specific museum, here's one that is actually going to open soon. The Downtown News' Ryan Vaillancourt reports on the Los Angeles Sports Museum, a 32,000-square-foot museum at 1900 S. Main Street. Founded by Bronx-born Gary Cypres, the museum, which had previously been available via invitation or as an event space, will now open to the public on Nov. 28th. According to the paper, the museum has over 10,000 pieces estimated at $30 million plus. Sounds like Cypres is a big baseball fan: In addition to early baseball mitts and a very early tennis racket, the collection "includes thousands of vintage baseball cards, hundreds of uniforms (from Wilt Chamberlain's high school basketball jersey to Hank Aaron's cleats) and unexpected items like Babe Ruth's shotgun."
· Grand Slam for L.A. Sports Fans [Downtown News]