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Old Timey Los Angeles Had Traffic, Helicopters

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[Aerial of freeways and Los Angeles Traffic via LIFE on Google Images]

LIFE Magazine's archives of over 100 years of photos have gone online and are now viewable through Google ImageSearch. Among the highlights are photos of 1940's and 50's Los Angeles before it was ruined by traffic and ungodly shadow casting skyscrapers. Oh wait. We're not sure that Los Angeles ever existed except in the minds of cranky old people in the Valley. Via ChannelWire: "Google launched the service on Tuesday as part of its image search function, starting with roughly two million photos stretching from the 1750s to today. Google added that it plans to enter all 10 million images from Life's photo library so that they can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection. That's a boon, considering Life has said that more than 95 percent of its photo archive has never been publicly viewed or published in the magazine."
· Google Resurrects Life Magazine Images [ChannelWire]