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Ribbon-Cutting Time! Vermont Triangle Park

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Those are the city's giant ceremonial scissors, stored at City Hall South, and brought out for ribbon-cutting events, such as the one held today for the Vermont Triangle Park, that $800,000 new pocket park at Vermont and Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz. Those are prop scissors, of course (City Council President Eric Garcetti can be seen holding a small, real pair in the photo gallery). Anyway, the park--which broke ground back in May--is done. "People say that no one walks in Los Angeles," Garcetti told the roughly 60-person crowd that came out. "...but when we improve the streetscape, we get people out of their cars." Pat Smith, the architect, offered a few more details about the design; info after the jump. And yes, this thing is sort of homeless-proof and skate board-proof!

---Those larger trees are sycamore trees. In about three years, they will be about 30 feet tall. Eventually, the trees will form a canopy, offering shade.

---Grass will eventually grow and cover that big mound, but what the final result will be is described as "tufts" of grass rather than a smooth grassy surface. Tufty grass is less appealing than regular grass to sleep on. Homeless proof? Well, sort of, said Smith.

---All the concrete is recycled from city sidewalks.

---The checkered-looking ground floor of the park is designed to infiltrate and collect groundwater.
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