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Solair's Big Butt May Really Be Covered up by Banksy?

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Yesterday, we looked at the blank butt of Solair, Koreatown's glassy new mixed-use development. We suggested covering up this wall with some art; maybe a Banksy creation. The gods—or Solair's sales staff—were listening. Chris Ligan of Urbana emails, "I’m one of the sales directors for Solair and we’ve applied to the City Art Department to get art up there so we can fulfill our “art” requirement, and they liked the idea, however the Building Department is nixing it. Apparently the problem is this. Art Department vs. Building Department."

"If we put a mural up there, the Art Department considers it a piece of public works that is a cultural contribution. The Building Department considers it a “billboard” and therefore falls under some other rules. Until these two entities slug it out, we’re kinda stuck. Slugging it out, they are doing now.

We’d be happy to back you if you and your readership would like to elevate this to a grass roots movement for art. We’d really like something up there too. By the way, the developers were very hip to the Banksy idea." Kimchi and modern art—too good to be true?

· Solair's Big Bare Wall [Curbed LA]


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