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What's Up With That: Burbank Smells Like Death?

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What's Up With That? attempts to answer your queries about the odd LA landscape. Send questions to the mailbox.

That's odd. No one mentioned "death" as the overwhelming scent of Burbank the last time we discussed neighborhood odors. Yet a reader feels he can no longer drive through Johnny Carson's favorite hood without commenting on the l'eau de mort he seems to be bathing in: "I've been holding back on emailing in this question, but I can go no longer without asking for help. Have any of your loyal readers smelled the smell of death that seems to be lingering just off the 134 freeway in Burbank for the past few weeks? Every evening, just after I get on the 134 East at the Buena Vista on-ramp, I smell the same smell of rotting death. I'm always in the slow lane at this point, trying to merge over in traffic and escape Burbank when the smell arrives. Could there be something awful waiting to be discovered between the LA River and Johnny Carson Park? A forgotten horse? An escaped employee from the Disney Studios? Something escaped from nearby Forest Lawn? I've attached a map for reference [pictured above]."
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