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CurbedWire: Hollywood Park Looks So Very Nice and Green

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HOLLYWOOD: The feasibility study for the Hollywood freeway park mentioned earlier today is not up yet on the official web site for the project, but it has been posted on the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce's web site here. (It's in red.) Lot to take in, including this proposal: "Fountain Avenue and St. Andrews Place, local streets, are transformed into St. Andrew’s Square, a large plaza surrounded by local roads. Vehicles can loop around and see the park from all sides while efficiently accessing major north-south as well as east-west arteries. The center of the plaza has an interactive water feature and a mixture of areas, both hard and soft, shady and sunny." There's so much more, but gaze upon all the images--especially the before and after photos--while we finish reading this thing. UPDATE: Yes, that one image is the baseball field referenced in the study.
· Hollywood Freeway Central Park [Official Site]