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Architect Daniel Libeskind Designing Downtown Building

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Wow, people are still building things. And in this case, it's a spectacularly famous architect. Daniel Libeskind is designing a 43 story condo building, reports LA Cowboy's Brady Westwater, who attended last night's meeting of the planning committee of the downtown neighborhood council. According to Westwater, the building--at least three or four years off-- is proposed for 1340 South Figueroa. The developer is a Korean investment group called CAAM. Westwater saw the renderings last night. Here's how it's described: "As for the architecture, it is a very buildable design with most of the flourishes at the bottom were it meets the ground with a very cool jagged edge with extensive public space - and at the upper half of the tower which will be the part most visible from a distance. And since the podium puts the residential tower up over the convention center - the tower will have unobstructed views to the West and its upper profile will be visible from much of LA to the west." More to come...UPDATE: A source associated with the development confirms the building is planned, but says no renderings will be made available to the public. Hmmm. Westwater tells us people were taking photos of the renderings presented at last night's meeting--who wants to make our day?
· Daniel Libeskind Comes To Downtown Los Angeles! [LA Cowboy]