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Open House Tour: Lorcan O'Herlihy's 1140 Formosa

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Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects' multi-hued 11-unit building on Formosa Avenue in West Hollywood is now available for touring--the development has been holding open houses for the last two weeks. The outside looks rather spectacular, and the more interesting design elements include tall windows in the downstairs office and some pretty-looking floor tiles in the bathroom. There's also a park coming to the lot immediately next door (more on that later). The only question mark about the model unit: Why a curtain, rather than a door, to separate the bathroom from the main bedroom? (There are certain noises and odors that make a bathroom door essential.) The unit in the gallery is a 1,469-square foot two-bedroom listed for $698,500 (there's a $100,000 discount going on for all the units).
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