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[Click image for larger view of proposed route]

Last night was the final open house for the proposed four-mile extension of the Metro Orange Line busway from Canoga Park to Chatsworth. It sounds like a real snoozer of a meeting, but still we have some further clarification on when we might be able to travel to Chatsworth to... ummm, look at horses and fires. A Curbed friend attended the meeting and reported back in convenient, easy to read bullet point form. Here are the highlights:
· With prioritized funding*, construction could begin as early as 2010, with the extension up and running as early as 2013. *Not yet adopted by Metro’s Board.
· Every other Orange Line bus from North Hollywood will terminate at the Warner Center Hub, the rest will terminate at the new Chatsworth Hub/Metrolink Station (at Devonshire Street).
· The extension will include four new stations, including Sherman Way, Roscoe Blvd., Nordhoff Ave., and the Chatsworth Hub.
· The Chatsworth Hub will have approximately 600 off-street parking spaces
and will include an open space area fronting Devonshire St. reserved for a joint development opportunity in the future.
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