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Listingswire: Your New Santa Monica Blvd Office, Wolf's Lair, Green in Venice

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Each week ListingsWire mentions notable movements on the MLS: New listings, price chops, flips, and more. Spy movement? Email us.

LOS ANGELES: Straying from the residential real estate market, here's a commercial building that you can buy and renovate: This is 6424 Santa Monica Blvd, described as a "three level architectural masterpiece with great light soaring spaces and a creative, historic feel." It's listed at $2.5 million. [Loopnet]

HOLLYWOOD: Wolf's Lair on Durand Drive (which has a guest house designed by John Lautner) was was price-chopped down to $5.999 million, and now it has been taken off the market. But it's just a temporary thing, according to Brian Moore, the listing agent. "It's just for the holidays," he tells us. Interesting. Is someone having some great holiday parties there?

VENICE: Everyone can talk about how bleak things are economically, but are prices coming down in Venice? We'll investigate and report back. Check out this home on Marco Place: It really touts its greenness: "Experience the ultimate in hi-performance Green living in a LEED-Platinum rated home - on one of Venice's most beautiful Walk Streets.This striking solar-powered architectural offers a serene elegance. An inspired collaboration between an architect & artist, it playfully integrates light, color & water elements in a graceful, minimalist style." It's listed at $2.595 million. [Redfin]
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