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Long Beach Park for Wetlands Swap: Meeting Tonight

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The Press Telegram's Paul Eakins reports that the proposed land swap that would ultimately kill off a planned sports park in exchange for a big chunk of the Los Cerritos Wetlands will be discussed at tonight's city council meeting. As noted before, city officials have suggested selling a big portion of the 56-acre park site--home to a proposed "pay to play sports park" that's been two decades (and $3 million spent) in the planning-- in West Long Beach and purchasing the Los Cerritos Wetlands in East Long Beach. Via the paper: "In the proposed land deal, the city would keep 18 acres of the sports park. Ten acres likely would be kept as a natural area, while the remaining eight still could become a pair of soccer fields, said Phil Hester, director of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine." If Councilwoman Tonia Reyes Uranga is unhappy about the proposed swap. alleging the discussions took place behind closed doors, environmentalists will likely be pleased. Here's an excerpt from a earlier Press-Telegram story: ""Once completed, this will place the largest privately owned coastal marsh into the public trust," said Mayor Bob Foster in a prepared statement. "Los Cerritos is the final piece needed to complete more than a decade-long effort to restore Southern California's vanishing coastal wetlands."
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