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What's Up With Downtown's Piero II?

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Signage is up at The Piero II, site of developer Geoff Palmer's planned Tuscan-themed development at 6th Street between Bixel and St. Paul, but it's unclear what--if any--activity is taking place on the site. Frankly, this lot doesn't look much different than it did a year ago. The last news bit indicated there was a squabble about the affordable housing portion, but we thought that hurdle had been cleared. Meanwhile, Palmer's web site states this one will be done by summer 2010. The web site also refers to two more downtown projects, the Da Vinci and the previously discussed Lorenzo; also, there's the under-construction Orsini III. At this point, the city's only hope is that the residents in all these different Italian fortresses start waring in some great fiefdom battle complete with catapulted flaming balls of straw. That'd be some great entertainment and a practical way to thin the Palmer herd of rental buildings. UPDATE: Photo evidence. Here are flickr user Friday in LA's photos of the site in July 2007.
· Under Construction Buildings [Palmer Associates]