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Construction Watch: USC Cinema School Opening Soon

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Checking in again with our favorite architectural disappointment, the George Lucas-gifted USC School of Cinema Arts is scheduled to open next month, and the scaffolding is down, the landscaping is in, and the decorative reliefs are up. Will architecture like this churn out the next generation of innovative filmmakers? Or are we witnessing the birthplace of a thousand Michael Bays? The building houses "a 200-seat theater, a 100-seat theater, two 80-seat theaters and four 40-seat theaters; community spaces such as a cafe; and central plaza." But the proverbial cherry on top is the planned central fountain which we're told will contain a statue of Yoda. And for fellow Trojans, let us never forget the wise words of the Jedi master: "No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try."
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