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Rumblings & Bumblings: Pasadena's Shuttered Theater and Shopping in La Canada Flintridge

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This week, a single reader provides us with two questions. That means 99.9% of you gave us nothing. NOTHING. What did we do to deserve this? Please make an effort to donate your question to us for next week or to provide an answer for this week. Questions? Comments? Tips? Rants? Email us at

[Laemmle's in Pasadena via Curbed flickr pool member Benjamin Page]

1) Pasadena:What will replace the Laemmle? "The Laemmle theater at One Colorado in Pasadena went out at the end of October. That really blows, because it’s the only place I could stand to see somewhat mainstream movies. Well-behaved crowd, hardly any teenagers, in short, none of the problems seen at your usual multiplex. However, I understand their closing because it was never, ever crowded. So, anyway, whatever is going into that location seems very hush hush. I’ve found reference to it being an “entertainment venue” and the first location on the West Coast. Does anyone know what it will be?"

2) La Canada: "...that new shopping center development in La Canada at Foothill, near the Angeles Crest exit. What’s going in there? So far, there is just Sports Chalet (yay!), Chipotle (whatever), and Homegoods (huh???? Which seems odd considering they sell tacky, cheap home décor items? not exactly what you’d think the citizens of La Canada would be excited about). But it’s actually a pretty large shopping center. I peaked in the windows a couple of weeks ago, and everything looks completely empty inside. Any idea as to potential tenants?"