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CurbedWire: DestructionWatch at Baker Hotel, Free Breakfast in Baldwin Hills

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DOWNTOWN: Demolition work on that vacant Baker Hotel across from downtown entertainment center LA Live started back in August, but as these recent shots show, it's taking a while to bring down this four-story structure. The hotel sits right next to that long flat car wash, but it's not immediately clear what's planned on the site--more parking lots for LA Live? [Curbed Staff]

BALDWIN HILLS: The Bedford Park Promenade/Bedford Promenade just opened, according to a reader, who writes in to ask: "Has anyone has been there yet?" The web site for the development notes that this weekend there's an open house with a "FREE continental breakfast served from 10:00am - 11:00am." Surely, it'll be the little muffins they serve. [Curbed Inbox]