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New To Market: Crooked Contractor Leaves Home Mid-Renovation

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Looking through the MLS isn't as much fun as it used to be. These days it's riddled with the shattered remains of homeowner's dreams, making schadenfreude just a little less fun. Take for example, this shoebox of a bungalow. The short and not-so-sweet listing, practically a haiku, gives a little insight into why the house is mid-renovation: "AMAZING OPPORTUNITY! Our loss is your gain! Agent & contractor took our money & ran! All work permitted. Roof, wiring, and plumbing completed - appraised in April 2008 for $375,000 (before renovations started) MUST SELL ASAP!" The two-bedroom, one-bath, 570 sq foot bungalow in Mt. Washington, in need of a little work, and by a little, we mean A LOT, is listed for $225,000.
· 2625 Arthur St Los Angeles, CA 90065 [Redfin]