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About Those 10 Doomed Earthquake Buildings

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Last week, there was a link to an interview with U.S. Geological Survey scientist Ken Hudnut about the effect of a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. In the interview Hudnet said that 10 buildings would fall and most of those structures would be in downtown--news that started a bit of chatter and paranoia on the site about what buildings would fall. But it turns out Hudent doesn't have a list per se. "We looked at this more generally," Hudnet told us in a quick phone call last week. "We didn't do individual studies of each building." And the reason that five buildings--out of that total of 10 predicted--are predicted to fall in downtown is partially because there are more buildings in that neighborhood that in other parts of the city. But Hudnet can reveal, as he did in the interview, what buildings are the most vulnerable: "Steel-frame structures that were welded before 1995 and re-enforced concrete structures that were built in the mid-1970s or earlier." Photo via Last Minute.
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