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Downtown's Bob Baker Marionette Theater Facing Foreclosure

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Even the puppets are getting hit by the terrible economy: The Bob Baker Marionette Theater at 1341 W 1st Street is currently facing foreclosure, according to Richard Shuler, one of the theater's managers. "We're taking donations," Shuler tells us, adding that he's been told the theater has 90 days to come up with the money. "We are working our heads off to try and get the money." Additionally, theater owners have listed the building on Loopnet for $1.5 million, hoping that a new owner might purchase the building and the Bob Baker Marionette Theater could continue to rent the space. It wasn't immediately clear how much money the theater---described as the longest running children's theater in Los Angeles--needs to avoid foreclosure.[Image via You Are Here]
· 1341 W 1st St [Loopnet]